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Event Pricing

$249 if you register by April 13, 2018 (online only)


New Brand Partners Unconvention Special

Calling all Brand Partners who enrolled in 2018! Join the Tribe at our annual unplugging, down to-earth event for only $150 This family-friendly weekend will be full of campfires, dance parties, hiking and tons of good vibes, you don’t want to miss it. (Please pay full price and once we verify you are a New Brand Partner you will be refunded the difference)


Add-On Pricing for Children

$100 for guests ages 11-17 years of age (this is an add on option once you register in the above category)
$60 for guests ages 10 years of age and younger (this is an add on option once you register in the above category)


Event Pricing for Combo Ticket Pack

$329 - 2 Convention Ticket Pack (1 ticket to Convention and 1 ticket to Unconvention)


*All prices will change at 11:59pm PST



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Ticket Transfers

  • The ticket transfer deadline is March 31, 2018 for Unconvention
  • 1 ticket transfer is allowed for any purchased ticket (this includes the tickets for the special 3-pack offer sold at 2017 Convention)
  • After the first ticket transfer, a $15 ticket transfer fee for each transfer (after 1st transfer but prior to cutoff listed above) will apply
  • Transfer request must be sent via email to lacey@stagedrightevents.com and MUST include the original ticket holder name along with the new ticket holder name. Any transfers taking a ticket from a "3-ticket pack" are only to be transferred into guest names that DID NOT attend the 2017 convention.


Registration Cancellation Policies

2018 UnConvention Registration Cancellation Policy (not the payment plan):
100% of Registration costs through January 31, 2018. No partial refunds.
50% of Registration costs through February 28, 2018. No partial refunds.
Any cancellations made after March 1, 2018 are non-refundable.
Cancellations are made by emailing lacey@stagedrightproductions.com

Combo Tickets Cancellation Policy (Convention + UnConvention Ticket) (not the payment plan):
Combo Tickets follow the same policy as UnConvention Tickets (see above), with no partial refunds.

Convention 3-Pack Cancellation Policy:
Unconvention 3-Pack Tickets follow the same policy as the above, with no partial refunds.

Payment Plan Registration Cancellation Policy:
Please note that all payments are NONREFUNDABLE, including the initial payment.


Cancellations can be made by emailing Lacey at lacey@stagedrightevents.com and we will process the cancellation for you.